Medical and Rescue Service in the Finish Area

During the 6 race days, a total of 32 patients were treated by the medical and rescue service provided by Flurystiftung – Spital Schiers, eight of whom had to be hospitalised but are now ok again.
Seven patients were forwarded to local doctors in Klosters.

Film to remember Masters World Cup 2017

On behalf of Davos Klosters Tourism, Ciril Bräm has been working with various cameras since the beginning of the event. He will create a short 20 minutes film. 

The film can be pre-ordered shortly. Further information will be provided soon.


With the last rankings, the Race Result team bids farewell to all the participants.
Thanks to:
Toni Fankhauser, Bernhard Schad and Andy Mayr (f.l.)

Ranking list 10 March:
Ranking list

Wax Tip for Friday, 10 March

From Bundi Nordic/Swix:  Official Wax Tip (86 KB)
From TOKO:  TOKO Wax Tip (479 KB)

Official Wax Tip by Bundi Nordic
Gion-Andrea Bundi together with Reto Burgermeister and Christian Schocher offer complete waxing services. The wax service is located in ths sports hall at the Arena Klosters from 3 - 11 March. 

The wax service is now located in the changing rooms by the ice rink (signposts)!

NEW: payment per creditcard is now possible. 10 % off waxing material!

On 11 March there is the possibility to have the skis prepared for the Engadine ski marathon!
Wax Service

Medical & rescue services

Four medical and rescue teams and three ambulances of the Flury Foundation - Schiers Hospital provide daily services to athletes and spectators. A rescue point with a health station and medical service is available in the stadium. During the MWC2017, more than 14 staff of the Schiers Hospital from emergency / IMC and anesthesia and rescue services are available daily to respond to the need from both athletes and the public. On the tracks, they are supported by 20 medical soldiers and 42 volunteers.


VIPs & Champions Race

On 7 March an “off-the-race” fun and exciting biathlon competition of VIPs and Champions took place at the Masters World Cup 2017 in Klosters cheered by over 100 enthusiastic spectators.  
Participants included Paul Accola, Maria Anesini Walliser, Seraina Boner, Reto Burgermeister, Mario Cavigelli (Government Council), Dario Cologna, Toni Livers, Jasmin Nunige, Reto von Arx, Ruedi Weber and John Downing (President of the World Masters Association). Our congratulations go to Team Novai (Seraina Stecher, Urs Pfister, Peter Philipp, Livio Bieler) who won the competition. Watch the photos on our Flickr account:


MWC on Swiss Romansh Television

On Tuesday, 7 March, at 5:40pm, Telesguard, the information programme of the Romansh Television, will report on the Masters World Cup in Klosters. Editor Donatella Bonifazi and her cameraman Herbert Jochum followed Roman Decurtins (Sedrun) during his preparations and race on Monday over 5km skating.

Up-to date photos on Flickr

Everyday we upload photos on Flickr. The photos can be downloaded free of charge. 
Today’s impressions of the victories, the races and especially the 15 km race of our own Ruedi Schorro.

Award ceremonies at Arena Klosters 

Award ceremonies take place daily at 6 pm in the event hall of the Arena Klosters. Every evening, the three first place winners from 12 categories of men and women are honoured.
The market is open from 5 pm, and an entertainment program takes place on stage. The Drumorchestra Jenaz will be present on Monday 6th March.
Photos of are available on Flickr to the download

The First Races on Saturday, 4 March 

On 9 am sharp, the first races started over middle distances in free technique. Reto Burgermeister (SUI) became first in categorie Men 03 with a time of 1:15:29,24. A total of 667 athletes participated in these first races. 

MWC-Gadgets have arrived

The offering includes: Victorinox-knives, cap, loops, T-Shirt and neck cords.
At the moment, the gadgets can only be purchased at the information office in Klosters. ().
more to the Gadgets

Flag Decoration
We ask the Klosters inhabitants to decorate their houses with flags in order to welcome the MWC participants.
Thank you.

Official Opening Ceremony: Friday, 3 March, 6 pm

As from 5 pm a market is open on the station square offering local specialties and drinks.
The opening act starts at 6 pm. The programme features performances of Yodelling Association Silvretta with Silvretta-Stärnli, Music Association Klosters and the Alphorners Davos-Klosters. The Youth Association with its "Bell Ringers", Grisons Flag Waivers and Schoolchidren round off the ceremony.  
Speaches are held by Kurt Steck, Regierungsrat Mario Cavigelli und OK-Präsident Pipo Grass.
The official opening act is led by John Downing, President oft he World Masters Association WMA.

more to the official opening


Kick-off of Bib Handing-out

Today, at 9 am, Nina Andersen (FIN) was the first to pick up her bib, handed out by Monja Stiffler.
Bib Handing-out at the Arena Klosters:
Friday, 3.3., 9 am – 4 pm
From Saturday, 4,3,, 7.30 – 11 am on all race days

Race Courses Open

After the race courses were temporarily closed due to weather issues, the grooming crew has prepared them again last night. Thus, at the moment they are open and in good condition. 
Good viewing and training to everyone.
race course maps

A powerful crew: Jöri Schmid, Hanspeter Hartmann, Köbi Scheu and Heini Boner (v.l.)

Final Stage

Only one week to the start. Details are now being optimised in all sectors. The stadium is set up, infrastructure for race office, administration and media office is made ready. Signposts are set-up and posters distributed. The first volunteers are on duty since Thursday. The number of active volunteers now climbs daily.

1'185 athletes from 29 nations are registered for the Masters World Cup. The first races are held on Saturday, 4 March.


Race courses are open again

The courses are open again, thanks to huge efforts from the side of your grooming crew.  Both courses are signposted with turquoise poles and indicators. As an additional help, flags have been added along the courses, Coop flags along the 10 km course and Repower flags along the 15 km course. Race course maps are available and can be downloaded from our website:
race course maps

Foto-Voluntari needed

During the award ceremonies, a winners' photo is to be taken after each actual awarding act in front of a photo wall.
Therefore we need one ore several hobby photographer. 
Saturday – Friday (not on the Tuesday), from 6 - 7 pm
Information: Martin Vorreiter, 

1'185 Registrations

Participants from 29 nations have registered. The largest teams are Switzerland (202), followed by the US (173), the Russiand Federation (164) and Germany (105).

Klosters hosts the 37th edition of the Masters World Cup. So far, only four venues featured more participants: Seefeld AUT (1988) with 1‘480, Finsterau GER (1994) with 1‘244, Folgaria ITA (1997) with 1‘207 and MacCall USA (2008) with 1‘219.

The statistics hold other interesting facts: three quarters of the participants are mal. 80% of the skiers are 50 years old or older. 

New FIS Competition Rule regarding Pole Length implemented at MWC 2017!

Contrary to earlier information, the new rule regarding pole length is implemented for the MWC2017 in Klosters. Full wording of the rule is as follows:
In classical technique competitions the maximum pole length must not exceed 83 % of the competitor`s body height. In free technique competitions, the maximum pole length must not exceed 100 % of the competitor´s height. 
Detailled information:

Pure Relaxation!

Enjoy the wonderful Landscape of Grisons, while exploring the masterpieces of engineering with the Rhaetian Railway. If beautiful viaducts, impressive tunnels, deep canyons oder the astonishing mountain scenery. A trip with the Rhaetian Railway is an unforgettable experience.
Exclusively during the Nordic Masters World Cup in Klosters you can get a day pass for the whole network of Rhaetian Railway for only CHF 45.00. Available at the railway station in Klosters and at the market event hall.

Prominent skiers check out the courses

The two top cross-country skiers Toni Livers and Seraina Boner have recently tested the 10 and 15 km courses. Their opinion: varied and pleasant for skiing. 

Our grooming crew is working in full swing at the moment. Thus, from Thursday, 9 February the latest, the race courses will be open to the public again. 

Karin Guler, Sibylle Läng and Esther Hanselmann: our first task is solved.

340 Volunteers

We don't have any openings at the moment. A total of 340 people, incl. the OC, will work for the Masters World Cup in March. 
However, it is still possible to register. We will be happy to assign you the post of a "joker" if needed.
Many Thanks!

1'185 Registrations

The registration platform is closed. A total of 1‘185 participants from 29 nations have registered. The largest teams are Switzerland (202), followed by the US (173), the Russiand Federation (164) and Germany (105).
Head of OC Pipo is thrilled: „we aimed for a minimum of 1000 participants; now Klosters actually boasts the highest number of the past eight years! 
The participants as well as about 650 accompanying people will stay in Klosters for a week or more and therefore generate around 12‘000 overnight stays.“
Klosters looks forward to welcoming the Masters Community!

Stockpiled Snow

Thanks to the cold temperatures of the last days, artificial snow can be produced to stock up snow for the start and finish area as well as the race courses. This measure is to guarantee the races in March.
A big thank you to the residents for their kind understanding.

Here, the race course crosses another course section over a temporary bridge

15 km course also open!

Since a few days, the 15 km race course is also open to the public. Now, it is obvious what the temporary bridge at Chüenischboden is for: it enables a loop turning point with a crossover of the race course. 
Both courses are signposted by turquoise poles and indicators. As an additional navigation help, the 10 km course had been marked with coop flags and the 15 km course with Repower flags. Course maps are available for download on our website: race courses

Already 1000 registrations from 28 nations 

Nordic Masters World Cup in Klosters

Nordic Masters World Cup 2017
  • for former top athletes
  • for ambitious public racers
  • for experienced hobby skiers
Female and male skiers born in 1986 and older 

Register now: Registration Deadline: 30 January 2017
Info regarding participation conditions, courses and deadlines are available here.

  Registration Form (PDF 370 KB)
  Registration Form (Word 206 KB)

We are helping because....

It is very important for us young entrepreneurs to keep the added value of such major events in our region. Thus, we are happy to contribute to such a great event. 
Andri Fasser, F&B

Timing by Race Result

The timing experts have recently met with the Klosters OC in the start-finish area to discuss the installation of the the timing equipment. The timing crew will be stationed in the already set-up containers. They were very happy about the ongoing preparation works. In due time, a link on our website will lead to start and ranking lists.

Grooming machine drivers Markus Mathis and Dani Klucker (r.)

First Race Course can be tested

If the weather allows it, the 10 km race course is open to the public this Saturday / Sunday. The course is signposted with turquoise poles: 
Start at the stadium – Aeuja (km 2) – Aeuja Post – Aeuer Rüti (km 3) – Bündelti – Unter Monbiel ( km 4) – Schwäderloch – Giessenbündi (turnaround, km 7) – Werribach (km 8) – Aueja (km 9) – finish (stadium)

Nordic Masters World Cup in Klosters

Nordic Masters World Cup 2017
  • for former top athletes
  • for ambitious public racers
  • for experienced hobby skiers
Female and male skiers born in 1986 and older 

Register now: Registration Deadline: 30 January 2017
Info regarding participation conditions, courses and deadlines are available here.

  Registration Form (PDF 370 KB)
  Registration Form (Word 206 KB)

Everything is ready

Chief of Courses Andri Schorro (l.) and Chief of Competition Ruedi Schorro announce: the cross-country skiing trails in Klosters will shortly be ready. Some sections of the race courses will also be open to public skiers at certain times.
Helping hands are still wanted! For example on Monday, 6 March. On that day, races are held in the morning as well as in the afternoon and we need for the course sector alone 100 volunteers working in two shifts!"

Andres Horrer (on the right), Markus Mathis (on the left)

Diethelmpromenade leading through underpass

Snow has finally arrived! The Klosters town maintenance crew led by Andres Horrer (on the right) has acted quickly and used the road-clearing-snow to build the trails' layout cover . Thus, a race course is currently leading along Diethelmpromenade. Driving the groomer: Markus Mathis (on the left).

Cross-country skiing Grooming Kick-off

Dani Klucker has groomed the cross-country skiing trail between Bündelti and Aeuja. As for sections featuring strong solar radiation, the trails' layout cover is up to one metre high! This is to allow for the races in March to be held on the designated courses. 

Finally stepping on it

In my position as Head of the new Sports- and Event Centre in Klosters, I am happy about all activities and attractions in Klosters. It is with even more enthusiasm that I play an active role in such an exciting big event. And, of course, I hope that all participants will be delighted by our new halls!
Martin Kaiser, Head of Arena Klosters

Proud to be part

A few members of the OC already are proudly posing in their new jackets.
From left to right: Esther Hanselmann, Corina Niggli, Sibylle Läng, Ruedi Schorro, Martin Betinaglio, Pipo Grass, Monika Baumgartner-Bebi, Heini Boner, Linda Karlen, Hubert Schöpfer.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Aquagrischa Ltd. (Ueli Wehrli) for the support.

In March the Swiss Masters were held in Klosters on the original courses of the 2017 World Cup. 

Registration now possible

From 3 – 10 March 2017 more than 1000 athletes from 30 different nations meet on the Klosters slopes for the Masters World Cup.

Registration is now possible. Information regarding participation conditions, race courses and deadlines are available here.

  Registration Form (PDF 370 KB)

  Registration Form (Word 206 KB)

New Crossover at "Chüenischboden"

The Swiss Army has also constructed a new crossover at "Chüenischboden": here, the race course is to lead over a temporary bridge, crossing over another part of the course. Thus, guaranteeing spectacular races!
Take a look and get yourself into the mood for this event, taking place from 3 to 10 March 2017!


Military in action for the Masters World Cup 2017

Since 14 November, 20 basic military soldiers are building a temporary bridge. At the beginning of the week, 12 logs of approx. 22 metres in length and two tons in weight were transported to the Doggiloch Lake and placed over the Landquart River. 
Works will last for some more days: first preparatory works are made also for the stadium (start and finish area). 

Nordic Masters World Cup in Klosters

Nordic Masters World Cup 2017
  • for former top athletes
  • for ambitious public racers
  • for experienced hobby skiers
Female and male skiers born in 1986 and older 

30 different competitions
Skating and classic
Short, middle and long distance, relays 
Different age categories

Communication Team
Selina, Martin and Corinne

I'm helping because....

Many many helping hands are needed for the Masters World Cup. The OC ‚Volunteers‘ aims to recruit as many volunteers from the region’s surroundings as possible. Preferences for helping sectors and days may be indicated!

Ueli Wehrli, Chief of Start Area

Come and join us!

For me, sport is more than just winning or losing. Sport is about gaining life experience. When I was an adolescent, sport made my dreams come true - now I would like to give something in return! This is why I am supporting the Masters World Cup 2017 in Klosters. 

Our Ceremony Experts: Corina and Svenja Niggli

I'm helping because....

… I care about cross-country skiing. (Corina Niggli)

… young people should contribute to events in Klosters too. (Svenja Niggli)

Come and join us!

The World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association

The World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association WMA was formed in February 1982 as a worldwide association for masters cross-country skiers. The Association provides a common international platform for top competitive skiers as well as for those who simply enjoy racing regardless ot the ranking. 


Moni, Ursina and Birgit from the Administration/Race Office Department

I'm helping because....

… Klosters & Cross-country skiing & Masters are a perfect match and because it provides me with an opportunity to contribute to our region's success. (Moni Baumgartner-Bebi, Head of Administration)

… because I enjoy cross-country skiing myself and because I think it's about time for Klosters to host a a major event once again. (Ursina Casanova, Webmaster)

… because MWC 2017 offers the opportunity to carry the name of Klosters into the world. We would like to show spectators and participants all benefits of our region and make them returning guests. (Birgit Hürlimann, Race Office)

Come and join us!

First MWC Winners

The Kosters Nordic Association community is growing. As for the raffle „Register and Win“ three winners were drawn. They receive a VIP invitation for themselves and an accompanying person for the Champions Race on 7 March 2017.

Klosters Nordic (Association for organizing cross-country skiing and winter sports events) is happy to welcome new members at any time (yearly membership fee of Fr. 10.00).

Membership Online Registration

Jöri (Environment) and
Hubert (Logistics/Transport)

I'm helping because.......

… being a former competitive cross-country skier and son of a multiple MWC participant and podium athlete, I regard it as a point of honour! (Jöri Schwärzel)

… MWC 2017 and Klosters make a perfect match. It's a must to be part of such a unique event. (Hubert Schöpfer).

Come and join us!

Founder members Martin Bettinaglio, Pipo Grass and Ruedi Schorro (v.l.) pose the first steering committee.

Klosters Nordic Association

A new association was founded in Klosters on 1 February 2016: Klosters-Nordic. Purpose of the association is the organisation and execution of future cross-country skiing and winter sports events. First big practical test: Nordic Masters World Cup in March 2017.
The member fee of CHF 10.00 is a solitary tax for locals and guests.

Online Registration

Neumitglied Levi, geboren am 09.07.2016, ist 3410 gr schwer und 53 cm lang.

Neue Mitglieder

Der Mitgliederbestand von Klosters Nordic ist in den letzten Tagen massiv angestiegen. Bis jetzt haben 25 Personen dem Verein ihre Sympathie bewiesen. Jüngstes Mitglied ist Levi Bebi-Baumgartner. Wir gratulieren den Eltern Moni und Rolf und dem Bruder Lino.

Unter allen Neuanmeldungen bis Ende August  2016 werden drei Personen ausgelost, welche mit einer Begleitperson als VIP zum Champions Race vom Dienstag, 7. März 2017 eingeladen werden.

Karin, Sybille and Esther from the Volunteers Department 

I'm helping because.......

… this great event needs our support. (Karin Guler)
… I want to contribute to a Klosters story of success. (Sybille Läng)
… I think it's a fantastic event offering Klosters a chance to show the world our delightful spot.  (Esther Hanselmann)

Come and join us!