The Masters World Cup Supporting Association
On 1 February 2016 the association Klosters Nordic was founded in Klosters. Purpose of the association is the organisation and execution of cross-country skiing and other winter sports events. Reason for the foundation was the confirmation for hosting the Nordic Masters World Cup 2017. However, the association is meant to execute events also in future years. 
These shall be financed by the means of member fees, contributions from the event pool Klosters, donations, subsidies and other contributions.
Eligible for membership are natural and juristic persons as well as public bodies. For the first year, the membership fee was set to CHF 10.00. Highest decision-making body of the association is the general assembly voting the president and the steering board.
Becoming a member
Fill in the online registration form or send the the supporter's declaration to .
By return you will receive a pay in slip. The membership becomes official with your payment.
  Supporter's Declaration (52 KB)

Online Registration

  Statute Klosters-Nordic (in German) (194 KB)


Georg (Pipo) Grass, President (in the middle)

Ruedi Schorro, Vice President/Secretary (on the right)
Martin Bettinaglio, Finances (on the left)