7 March is a race-free day. In the evening, at 6pm, a fun biathlon competition will take place in four teams. As in an ordinary biathlon competition, the race includes skiing and shooting. Two celebrities run a round of about 500 meters; a third celebrity shoots five shots on the biathlon targets. Champions have to cover the celebs' possible penalty loops, as well as their own 1000 metre loop. Four teams are at the start; there is a semi-final and a final. Admission is free.
Expected participants include Paul Accola, Maria Anesini Valais, Duri Bezzola (former National President, Swiss-Ski), Seraina Boner, Gion-Andrea Bundi, Reto Burgermeister, Jürg Capol (Director Marketing FIS), Mario Cavigelli (Regierungsrat ), Dario Cologna, John Downing (President WMA, Albert Giger, Dieter Heckmann (Honorary President WMA), Ambrosi Hoffmann, Alfred Kälin, Toni Livers, Jasmin Nunige, Jason Rüesch, Andrea Senteler, Andreas "Söre" And Ruedi Weber.
The laser biathlon system is provided by Biathlonarena Lenzerheide.
The Celebs & Champions Race is presented by  Kesslerhof, Klosters.