Who is allowed to start in Klosters?
  • Age group 1986 and older
  • Should be a member of a National Ski Association

Special Conditions
  • Participants must represent their nation of residence or the one shown in their passport.
  • Athletes who belong to a National Ski Team are not allowed to start at the MWC. 

What kind of Races are held?
  • Races in classic or free technique
  • Distances depend on age categories
  • The race fee of EUR 200.- contain participation in a short, middle and long distance race and also the relays.

Special Conditions
  • It is not allowed to participate in two races featuring the same distance (free and classic).

How to register?
  • Registration with the official form (pdf) via the National Directors

Special Conditions
Registration Deadlines?
  • For MWC 2017 participation: until 30 January 2017 to the National Director

Special Conditions
  • Entry fees have to be credited to the Organizing Committee by no later than January 30 2017. For payments received after January 30 2017 no registration will be made, thus no possibility to start. 
  • It is strongly advised to complete registration and payment on the same day.

Entry Fees?
  • EUR 200.- MWC 2017 participation (three individual races and relays)
  • EUR 285.- MWC 2017 and Engadin Skimarathon 2017 participation

Special Conditions
  • Bank charges occuring at the participants/senders side are for their account.
  • Bank charges occuring at the beneficiary's bank and at the intermediary bank are for account of the Organizing Committee.
  • Incorrect payments will be charged with an additional fee of Euro 20 when collecting the start number.

How to pay the entry fee?
  • vie bank transfer
  • by credit card on this website.

Special Conditions
For further details, we refer to the below downloadable form „Registration Masters World Cup 2017 in Klosters, Switzerland“, containing all necessary information and participation conditions/rules.

Online registration for the MWC2017 is available only for nations that allow their skiers to individually register via the World Masters Association system. Please contact your National Director to learn what is permitted for your nation. The list of National Directors and contact information is available here

If online registration is allowed for your nation, your National Director will provide the website link you should use and additional information.

  Registration Masters World Cup 2017 in Klosters, Switzerland (PDF 368 KB)

  Registration Masters World Cup 2017 in Klosters, Switzerland (Word 206 KB)