New FIS Pole Length Rule implemented at MWC 2017!

Extensive discussions in the last days were held with FIS to avoid that new competition rule regarding pole length has to be implemented already at Masters World Cup 2017 in Klosters. Earlier given information by WMA that new rule will become valid only with MWC 2018 in Minneapolis became not accepted by FIS.
This is an information to all athletes that new competition rule 343.8.1 has to be obeyed in Klosters.
Full wording of the rule is as follows:
In classical technique competitions the maximum pole length must not exceed 83% of the competitor`s body height. In free technique competitions, the maximum pole length must not exceed 100% of the competitor´s height. The body height is measured with ski boots on from a flat surface, to the top of the uncovered head. The pole length is measured from the bottom of the pole to the highest attachment of the strap. All measurements will be rounded to the nearest centimeter as follows: less than 0.5 cm will be rounded down and 0.5 cm and above will be rounded up