Easy course for categories of Men’s 10-12 and Women’s 09-12.

Lowest point: 1185 metres a.s.l., highest point: 1207 metres a.s.l.
Height Difference: 22 m, Maximum Climb: 17 m
Total Climb: 61 m

  Doggiloch 5 km C Track (5.4 MB)

First section identical to C-course followed by a steady climb in the Aueja area leading to the highest point of the course.

Lowest point: 1185 metres a.s.l., highest point: 1241 metres a.s.l.
Height Difference: 56 m, Maximum Climb: 23 m
Total Climb: 100 m

  Aeuja 5 km Track (5.4 MB)

Leading along relay race course for the first 5 km, then through beautifully rolling terrain further into the valley to the turning area “Chüenisch Boden“ and back via Aueja-Doggiloch.

Lowest Point: 1185  metres a.s.l., Highest Point: 1274 metres a.s.l.
Height Difference: 89 m, Maximum Climb: 46 m
Total Climb: 229 m

  Schwaderloch 10 km Track (5.4 MB)

After the turning point of the 10km-course a long ascent with short breaks until the highest point at Schindelboden.
Then turnaround and long downhill to Chüenisch Boden and after the crossover through slightly rolling terrain until the intersection into the 10 km-course. 

Lowest Point: 1185 metres a.s.l., Highest Point: 1301 metres a.s.l.
Height Differene: 116 m, Maximum Climb: 38 m
Total Climb: 337 m

  Schindelboden 15 km Track (5.4 MB)


Andri Schorro, Chief of Courses / Installations